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Portrait Drawing From Photographs: Capturing Likeness


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5 Class Recordings on Zoom Delivered by Email

Each session is just under an hour long and contains step-by-step instruction and demos without students present.

Capturing likeness in a portrait all boils down to familiarity with facial proportions and learning to render observable value shapes. This class covers the fundamentals of these skills using photo references.

High-contrast portrait photographs/print outs
Tracing Paper
Graphite pencils
(2H, 4H, 2B, 4B, 6B)
A set of Micron or Faber-Castell pens
Synthetic eraser
Drawing Paper
Toned Paper
White chalk pastel or pastel pencil
White gel pen
Charcoal or charcoal pencils
Gum eraser
Blending stumps

Please feel free to email the instructor with any questions or feedback: adriennehodge@gmail.com